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Hi Steve,

Thanks again, I pull my battery because inside of the camper in the summer during the day it is about 110 here and drops down to the 70s or 80s at night but pretty soon it is going to be almost 118ish, and will drop down to over 100 at night. Inside my camper can get from 100 to 140 temps. I feel and maybe it is wives tail, but I feel that that will wreak some havoc on my battery. I don’t really have any good ways to keep the inside cool. Also the battery has a compartment, and I believe that it is probably even hotter than the rest of the cabin, but I could open it up while it is sitting there.

I haven’t found the time to get the cover on, but hopefully I will have this weekend off, so I can get the cover on finally, but again wonder if the cover will actually make it even hotter inside.

Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it.