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Thanks for the response Steve,

I don’t keep anything running, but I do go check in on it time to time. I am nervous just letting it sit out there getting beat up by the sun so sometimes at night, I like to open vents and windows to let it air out and cool down. Sometimes when I go in it is 130 degrees inside. I turn on lights. I also like to fire up things like the fridge, and ac just so it doesn’t just sit for months without running. I feel weird about that, I also fire up generators at least once a month or so.

Also for those of you who have to park their campers outside do you cover them in the summer? It gets crazy hot inside, do I have to worry about that. As you can tell I am not an Arizona native.


AZ, I am not exactly sure why you are pulling your battery. I have AGMs also and here is what I do.

First we do have temps over 90 here routinely in summer and it may just touch a 100 rarely. I do keep our camper covered for now, but will be building a garage for it later in the summer. We are taking it out today and are looking for places we can keep distance and still camp which is much harder to do here in the South than out West. 🙂

I do leave my batteries in as I do not see any gain by removing them. I do think you are doing absolutely the right thing by cycling everything periodically. Components are like the human body, they do best when exercised, however, I do not leave our camper shoreline plugged constantly and I do leave the disconnect for the batteries opened so they are not charging constantly. I know a lot of folks leave their batteries online, but they tend not to consider the power converter has a lifespan just like every things else.

So every month or two if it is sitting I plug the shoreline in and charge the batteries, operate the equipment, and air out the camper. In a normal year, it would not be sitting more than two months in a row. Do remember if the fridge has a roof vent to uncover it if you are going for a full cool down, although I do not think that is necessary (all I am trying to do is circulate the anticorrosive). That’s about it and we have had remarkably few problems with our equipment.

As a side, firing the genny is an absolute if it is gasoline, propane less so. 🙂


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