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Given that we’re a very small group looking to meet up in a remote setting, I’m not sure that would be an issue. (“Poster Guy” for pre-existing conditions here – I’m real cautious about this stuff!) We only stop for fuel and have a decon routine for that even here locally.

However, Arizona I’d eliminate at present because for the foreseeable future, fires/smoke present a real problem in the higher elevations such as the Kaibab where temperatures are reasonable enough for a gather during summer.

We’ve mainly done pass-through trips in Utah with stops at the major parks, so I’m not familiar enough with the Forest Service/dispersed camping possibilities there. The exception would be the Uinta Mts north of Vernal. There are numerous camping opportunities there about 8,000′(did some caving there years ago). I recognize that’s starting to get pretty far afield, so does nyone have any suggestions/info on southern Utah? Current daytime highs in S. Utah about 8,500′ are running in the low-to-mid 80s today with nighttime temps in the mid-40s. (Duck Creek Village)

So at present, our input is a toss-up between the Sierra Nevada or the San Juans. Still sounds like a small group, so…

Bryan & Susan