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Hi Kyle,

The only reason the current absorption fridges exist is the low amp draw technology was not around when Carrier developed it decades ago. All electric fridge just work better, no slant to worry about, cool down faster, etc. and eventually I suspect they will replace absorption models.

At present the all electrics do require some added thought as to more batteries or Li+ batteries and maybe solar and those systems can get pricey. I sort of think about the current all electric RVs in the same way I remember the old bag phones for those of you who go back that far in time. They were expensive as the devil and a real pain to tote along, but eventually price came down to what it is today, support systems developed, and now everyone has one.

Believe it or not, I actually had the opportunity several years back to drive a hybrid 40-foot motor home that ran only on battery power at slow speeds. It never made it into production, but that is the way the industry is heading.

So once again great minds think alike! 🙂


Steve and Andra
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