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Propane systems have a device at the pigtail so if there is a line break the propane flow is almost completely stopped. If the accident is so severe it causes a tank breech (something I personally have never seen or heard of, but who knows?), having the fridge off will be the least of anyone’s problems. The reason the industry does not warn against the use of propane while underway is because they have surmised the liability risk is very small.

I have actually worked on campers that were involved in accidents in one case having to replace multiple propane lines and in a couple of others a single line and other than the work involved there was no fire, etc.

In the first case, the RV owner was hit on the Interstate and propane lines to the water heater, furnace, and oven were ripped partially off and left hanging. In the second case, the owner lost control, went off the road, and the water heater was thrown completely out of the camper. In the final case, a fifth wheel suffered a blow-out so severe the lugs nuts were torn off the drum and the wheel broke free taking out a portion of the sidewall and propane line to the water heater. A messy repair for sure, but came out well. I cite these instances only because they were dramatic and resulted in lines that were completely severed, but did not result in a fire.

The refrigerator fires I am personally familiar with took place in refrigerators that did not have the recall kits installed and the majority took place in campers while in campgrounds.

Not trying to tell anyone what to do. If you don’t feel safe using propane don’t. The RV industry in general has been moving away from absorption refrigerators for several years due to the convenience that comes with all electric models as well as increased cooling. 🙂


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