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I too, am looking to make some upgrades to my recent acquisition of a ’16 F350 CCLB SRW 6.7L 4×4 (all stock) with a ’17 N* 850 SC. I am not very smart as far as suspension goes. But what I would like is to make it as best of an overlander as I can without sacrificing too much on road. I plan to go on an extended road trip at the end of the year cruising around US and Canada with preference for doing some beginner to intermediate overland routes (not opposed to more challenging routes if I have some experienced people taking me along). I have been told a small lift (no more than 2.5″) and some upgraded shocks? I see Jefe recommends a helper spring in the rear giving a 2″ lift? Would this be better than a regular lift? If I did a helper spring should I still consider after market shocks? Also hearing a leveling kit up front is a big help but others say not required as the camper kind of does that already? Lastly, the truck is a daily driver for the next few months before I leave on my planned trip but can deal with a bit of uncomfortable ride when empty so long as works as I want with camper loaded. Plus being summer I try to go on two wheels more than 4 except when taking my dogs out.

Any inputs are appreciated (and please feel free to explain it in a “for Dummies” fashion as mentioned, not “suspension smart” over here).