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Batteries are now removed(crazy involvement), melted cables removed and damage assessment done with little to none on other wiring noted. That’s great news. Cause of this high amp current melt down is only a quess because cable covering was so extensivly melted on 9 seprate lenghts of #6 cable. A direct short and undersized wiring as related to protective fuse sizing is suspect. Research tells me, #6 wire isn’t rated to handle the 150 amps that finally blew the the one-150 amp ANL fuse. I found some wiring on the wrong hot side of the fuse so it was unprotected. Research also tells me only 1 fuse wasn’t proper in this system. Two more should have been installed. Those two additional fuses would have greatly mitigated damage and condensed it to a closer location of origin.
It appears to me this electrical system was a disaster waiting to happen. I got real lucky my RV did not burn to the ground. I’m overwhelmed at this point and will need to research more before simpliy rewiring and following the way it was,that’s for sure. My satisfaction will be when I’m done,it will be better than new.

2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4