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I am amazed at how big a business this “infulencer” thing has become. I have no problem with people doing things for money or merchandise, but I do have a problem when what is basically paid advertising not being clear in identifying themselves as such.

I know the RV industry will provide folks they think can influence others to buy their products up to and including complete RVs and I strongly believe those perks bias the articles that influencers spew out.

I’m probably just old school, but I put more stock in something I read that is produced by someone who is actually “living the life” rather than someone who is writing to help sell something. Not sure how many recall when some magazines used to put a header on article that read “paid advertising”, because it was hard to distinguish whether it was a real article or a piece pretending to be a real article. My thought is influencers need to identify themselves as such and state what perks they have received whenever they put out something for public consumption.

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