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The OP said his unit didn’t have a t-stat so I was first trying to clarify since if he has two knobs, he has a t-stat; one selector chooses fan or AC high and low, the other sets the temperature. I haven’t worked on any Coleman air distribution boxes that aren’t set up like that, but maybe it is something new I haven’t seen.

As to the issue of regular wall thermostat, there are two issues that have to be addressed. The first is how to run the wires from where ever the t-stat is going to mount up to the AC unit. Getting across the ceiling in full size RVs when a lead breaks is Hell and in a truck camper it is not something I would want to attempt. That would mean an eye-sore of running the wires exposed.

Coleman used to have a remote system but it was long since discontinued and was an ongoing problem. Maybe they have reintroduced it, but I haven’t seen it on anything I am currently working on. I haven’t tried wiring in a remote box from the new Atwoods, but that should be doable in theory.

On to the second issue. There has to be a box of some kind that goes under the air distribution cover on the ceiling. That box normally goes up in the roof rafters in full size RVs. I don’t see any way to do this with the units in truck camper ACs unless it is prepped at the factory as Lance and some others likely do.

Those are the two biggest issues. That brings it into the anything is possible with enough thought and effort, but it is not as simple. Going with a remote would, i think be the way to go. 🙂


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