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jefe here again. “It’s good to live rural”. You can quote me on that.
A lot has transpired in the short month since I posted this about the Corona V and our travel plans. Every day new restrictive measures are added to save us from ourselves, mostly geared to keep people away from each other in big cities like New York. Once you understand how the virus is transmitted and how wide spread, and how politics get in the picture, it is easy to see how our lives have turned into one giant quarantine. During the week while I was out firewood cutting (by myself, for next year’s heat) I saw quite a few truck campers moving east away from Coastal and Central California to recreate, i’m thinking to an even more remote locale, in direct opposition to Governor Newsome’s decree to shelter (cower and whimper) in place.
After looking at all the NP and BLM closures today online, the very places that Brother John and I were contemplating camping are now closed. Who, who would have ever thought the the BLM could close anything. They have only land…not gates or kiosks, or many restrictions. So, John, Jean, Jefe, and Krys had a conference call this a.m. and we agreed to ash can the trip scheduled for next week. It has slowly and inexorably come to this.
It’s not Biblical, but an ancient slogan gives some comfort:
The one consolation is I pulled the TC out of it’s shed today as the sun was actually shining for the first time in 4 weeks and much of the 5 feet of snow that fell during that month was gone.
I just hope we have a country left to visit when phase I of the Pandemic ends.

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