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Taylor Xtreme

It’s really hot there. I also think that getting a 2,000-watt generator is a good idea because sometimes it can be too hot to handle. Also, be sure that your cooler is powerful enough. You need to have cold drinks to be able to make you feel better. I have YETI tundra haul portable wheeled cooler, and it’s the best little helper and saver. It’s perfect for the highest temperatures, so you can be sure that your drinks or maybe food will be cold, and the cold won’t leak.
What is more, it has wheels, so when you fully pack it, there will be no problems with transportation. I recommend you to check this review https://under-the-open-sky.com/best-wheeled-coolers/ of the best wheeled coolers to find the one, if you don’t have, because it’s the must thing when you go on a trip somewhere. I hope the info there will help you.