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We drove our truck camper home to Alaska from snow-birding in AZ. Got back in the state last Monday (Mar 23). Our anxiety was high, not from Corona, but a fear of getting stuck in Canada and couldn’t get home. There was talk of closing borders between provinces…..they did close the border to NWT. Crossing the Alaska border was such a GREAT feeling.

We felt quite safe from the virus. Had enough food to get home and cooked all our own meals. Had our bed to use and we stayed out of campgrounds…..parked at various rest stops, truck stops etc. Pumped our fuel at pay at the pump stations. There were only a few places where we had to talk/deal with anyone.

One of the positive things of the trip, was the lack of traffic…..even in California. Great trips traffic wise!!

RV’s are the perfect way to travel during these tough times.

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