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Well, DW just returned yesterday from Spain, and said people awaiting screening at LAX (mostly a mere questioneer) were in line shoulder to shoulder for hours with the likelihood of a cross infection…Sure makes one wonder about what the heck has been going on with America’s contingency plans – some peace of mind, eh? 🙁 , Since it’s the Gov’t, I’m at least 110% sure that no one will be ever held accountable for institutional malfeasance – SOP, sure must be nice!

So, in advance of her return I loaded up and bugged out in the camper and am enjoying the rapid harvest recovery of new 200a/hr Lifepo4, seems to be charging nearly as fast as my dang iPad…I’m about an hour away (at a NAS safe camping spot), and my plan is to stay gone for about two weeks, since says she’s feeling a bit scratchy and under the WX…Hopefully just the normal travel bug though…

These are sure some crazy times…