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Hello all fellow road gypsies I’ve worked nationwide on the road for over 22 years always in hotels so I’m a gypsys.

I’m Steve reside in Alabama I’m at 220’ above sea level.

Been using a 02 chevy express 1500 hightop conversion van so it’s a natrual progression to have a TC) for towing my 24’ cabin cruiser On 220 mile one way trips to the gulf of Mexico for extended weekends.

My cruising area is Ft.Morgan, AL to Destin, FL. I have family in Destin however it’s gated community HOA controlled no boats in driveway this a million $ home 100’ from bay (not water front) go figure.

I camp on the vessel unless extreme wind even in protected waters, yes there has been times over the years where even me was scared of Mother nature.

Way back in the good old days pre hurricane opel there where two hotels 1 mom pop Mom liked me 2nd a marina type 2 starish this was so easy for me, I’d launch 3 blocks away at the public boat ramp. Drive over to either hotel which was usually Moms

Tie vessel up to the tourist observation pier.

Walk back move both van & trailer to moms hotel shove the trailer off to the side, dune fun beginnes. Moms had big ice machine and a convenience store next door resturants/night clubs in walking distance again way to easy.

For the last 15 years there’s no hotels on bayside or intercoastal water way in my area. There are a few w/ docks first come deal I could moore but relucltant, Hence upgrading from open vessel to a cabin so there you have it I’m forced to livaboard my vessel which I love.

Over these years I’ve rarely sleep in the van it’s nice and has a sofa bed but cramped and it’s no RV w/ home livable stuff just a bed.

There are expensive hotels w/ boat slips couple w/ paid ramps most ramps are some disstanse, all these hotels don’t allow trailers you have to rent a place for the trailer no thanks way to much crape.

?1.I’m considering purchasing a small lot where I can pull up w/ a truck camper and stay at like a campsite not sure if the local residents allow even a land owner w/ a power pole to squat for a week at a time. were talking underdeveloped wet lands in Perdido bay area this area is very ritzie.

?2.what type truck is required to firstly tow and stop my 4K LB vessel w/ a decent camper.

?3. I like the wetlands idea so the truck would probably be all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive probably gasoline engine not liking the noise of desil or extra cost of fuel.

Concerned about chances of the death wooble being increased w/ both 450LB tongue weight and a camper?

?4.there are a couple RV camps that could be a possibility same $ as hotel go figure.

The one I stopped and asked about told me if I was to expect to stay here you’re RV

Would need to meet certain requirements like good appearance and less than 10 years old

Sounded like a HOA are TC scrutinized?

Thanks Steve


There is no doubt things have changed for sure. As more folks rush into the camping experience beit truck camper of otherwise things are only going to get worse. We run out of N.E. TN. and have been sitting here trying to make reservations not for this year, but for next.

So here are my thoughts.

1. Just buying a lot, probably not given the zoning restrictions in many areas. Research the legality before moving ahead. Lots of areas now don’t allow any type of RV to be visible from the street or even on the lot. One area here in town says no pickup trucks. Yes, the meek may inherit the earth, but they are not likely to be allowed to use it! 🙂

2. Type of truck depends on what you mean by a “decent camper”, but if you are thinking big camper, I think you will have four wheels rather than two on the rear and probably a diesel engine (although engine type is debatable again depending on load). This is an area for you to research both here and on other sites.

3. You will need a special hitch extension to get out from underneath the camper and those are available online. I did not think a “death wobble” will be an issue in a properly maintained truck. A 450 pound tongue weight is not that much. Search the Internet for images of what folks tow behind truck campers. You might be surprised.

4. Some campgrounds do pay attention to appearances and some truck camper owners have been turned away because they have a truck camper, but those issues are very rare. We keep a clean truck and camper and have never had a problem although some campgrounds are concerned if you intend to take the camper off the truck. Again those are not common issues, but if you have a specific place in mind, check first rather than assume.

And yes, we pay a lot for some of the places we camp, the world has sure changed from when we started camping in the 50s. My wife just got a special offer from Disney World and the premium sites were only going for $200/night (sarcasm intended). However, you mentioned Destin where we love the state parks and you can do exactly what you want to do there, provided you can get a spot. There are often large boats owned by campers in the Henderson parking lot so again check things out.

I am sure you will get other comments.

Steve and Andra
2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
2019 Northstar Laredo SC