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Howdy Derek and Welcome.

Before you make any changes at all, Take your truck and camper to a truck scale and get accurate weights for both the front and rear axle, not just the whole truck. You really need to know these figures to make intelligent choices.

CAT scales is a nationwide chain of truck scales. Do a Google search on them and they will direct you to the nearest scale to your location. They also have short videos there showing you exactly what to do to get good weight figures. BTW, some people like to get truck weights for both with and without the camper on board.

Did you mean to say “overlanding” instead of “overloading”?

You didn’t say whether your truck was two or four wheel drive.

Two wheel drive trucks can be surprisingly good off pavement vehicles if you mean unpaved forest service roads and trails. It’s been said that a two wheel drive with GOOD tires will get you to 90% of the places that four wheel drive will take you. (The four wheel drive just lets you get further away from civilization before you get stuck!)

The key is to have really GOOD off road tires and to air them down whenever you are off pavement.

Thanks! So yes I meant overlanding stupid autocorrect. Yeah I know I need to get the weights just haven’t gotten to that part yet. Is it as simple as rolling the front wheels up without the rears onto the scale and vice versa? I’ll have to google proper procedure.
To your other question, I do have a 4×4 model. I’m not in a rush but still looking for the options to upgrade.
Thanks again