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I just wanted to make a simple comment based upon my experience. Bottom line, IMO, if you don’t need the big torque and horse power of a late model diesel engine, don’t buy one. Don’t get me wrong, I love mine and I also need it. The Allison behind it is a huge bonus, but it was not standard and I seem to remember the diesel option was around 15-20 grand.

Gas engines in newer trucks have come a long way. There torque curve compared to a diesel is a joke, but combined with there high horse power ratings they can easily get the medium size job done. There weight is a huge bonus for TC’ers and there cost is way less to buy. Fuel cost is less and they may need fewer trips to the smog station. My 4 year diesel with 17K is due for it’s second smog check, my 5 and 6 year old gas engines have not even made there first visit.

I could go on all night, but I won’t. The reason I made this post was to demonstrate the responsibility needed these days in order to own a diesel. I spoke to one of my drivers in Santa Maria this week and he explained why he was driving a late model gas Chevrolet. One fill up with poor quality diesel in his late model Dodge nearly ruined the truck. The insurance paid the 24 grand the dealer charged to rebuild his entire fuel system. He quickly came to the conclusion that he no longer could afford to drive a diesel truck. Obtaining quality fuel is mandatory when driving a diesel. Finding good clean fuel that is not loaded up with garbage is becoming a crap shoot. Fuel is not the only issue either, quality deft is also needed. I remember getting fuel and deft in my company issue’d semi at the yard I drove to this week. The very next day the truck was at the repair center for over a month and I was stuck with a piece of crap rental. Bottom line, choose the power train of your next truck very carefully. For most of you, gas is a better option. For those of us who pull trailers with 6 or 8 horses or 5er’s that weigh over 17K there is only one choice, but most truck owners do not fall into category.

My experience too. Many are also discovering that their extended warranty let them down. Push back on failed DEF tanks, plugged particulate filters, failed fuel pumps, leaky bed planes, failed EGR coolers, leaky radiators and towing bills due to failed EGT sensors. Gosh … not for me. I totally agree with you … If you have a need for heavy work a diesel might be the truck for you but go into it with your eyes open. I agree that lots might better be off driving gas. And you can get pretty long life out of a gas powertrain by doing really great maintenance. I don’t mean just following the owners manual. I thought my powerstroke would last me 300k miles and I got rid of it at 100k.

Today … I’d buy a 6.2L Ford … its just been around and works well
Tomorrow … I’d buy a 7.3L Ford … fantastic but I don’t like buying 1st year