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I think Fast Lane Trucks has YouTube reviews of the 7.3. I love the new engine. Love the new co developed 10sp tranny too. However, if I had to buy a truck today I’d probably get the Ford 6.2, simply because its a reliable well worked out engine. I’d wait a year or two for the 7.3.

Now as for diesels versus gas trucks … I’d never buy another diesel. Traded mine in on a 5L F150. Love the truck but hate that I hit its limits (payload mostly) so easily. It truly shines on Colorado mtn roads, allowing me to reach remote fishing spots.

I put myself through college working in a garage and so I did all the maintenance on my 6.4 powerstroke. My 100k mile service cost me almost $1800 in parts. The lion share was the radiator I had to replace. The plastic side tanks were vulnerable. I swore I’d never buy another emission diesel. I use to keep extra EGT sensors and a wrench in the glove box in case one failed on a trip. In my opinion diesels are great to drive on a trip but horrible to own. Imagine a $8500 diesel option and spending that much just to change out the fuel pump. Crazy crazy crazy expensive parts.

I like bottom lines ….

For me the bottom line is that if you have a business that requires heavy work then a diesel might be the solution. I say might. None of the contractors (roofing, lawn, etc) drive diesels in my area any longer.

Cost of ownership. Crazy expensive repair costs. I changed a radiator hose on my wife’s Ford Edge for about $20. I put 3 new hoses on my powerstroke at a cost of about $130 each. No thanks.

I am torn. I love my 2016 4×4 5L F150. I am smitten! 21mpg highway is no problem when the traffic is light and its a strong simple package. Lately though, I’ve been thinking of moving to a 3/4 ton for additional payload … allows me to load up a hardside truck camper. If this was year 2 of the 7.3 production there would be no question … I’d buy the 7.3 gas engine. Diesel would not even cross my mind.