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Hi John, My camper fully loaded for travel approaches 5k lbs, so not your typical off-road rig, and ultimately I ended up adding in another leaf but I’ve used both the upper and lower stable-loads that you point to, with success…

In fact, even with my heavy camper aboard, the upper leaf still did not engage (go figure!), and I’ve heard this is also the case on Fords as well…So I would definitely go with the uppers if for no other reason than to engage this otherwise unusable upper leaf, in order to reduce potential sway…

On my 16 Ram dually, the ’rear’ upper mounts were a bit tight to gain access to, but the lowers are easily accessible and uber simple to install, thus can quite easily be done (if needed…) at later date without any hassle…

‘Based on the weight of your camper’ I would probably skip the lowers for now and go with just the uppers, and then make an informed assessment – For a F350 with xtra leaf camper package, I believe you’ll be fine with uppers, and (biased by three trucks now and two campers later – lol), this incremental approach makes way more sense to me…Just saying…


Thanks much Phil… all good thoughts.

Someone recently said to me “The upper address sag better and the lower address sway better” but i am not sure what that is based upon.

I’ll check with Hallmark to see the cost for labor (if any) at install… this will be a factor.

The lower ones need those 4 holes drilled, as current F350 have no holes, and i hear the holes are super tough to drill…. 🙁