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I had a similar problem on my 2016 Cummins where the throttle position sensor failed at around 44k miles…Basic bumper to bumper warranty was 3 yrs/36k years and the engine warranty 7 yrs/70k mi…Luckily, at the time of purchase I opted for the extended warranty (mostly due to modern generation computer and electronics maladies), so only paid a $100 deductible…

This was the first extended warranty I ever bought, but with these newer trucks, and TONS of latent gremlins awaiting to malfunction (costly lap-top computers on wheels), nowadays (reluctantly…) I just consider the added warranty a part of the ‘entry fee’ for having a newer generation vehicle…

I love diesel power, but today’s repair cost can become a very sobering ‘reality check’ to say the least ($$)…Not looking to trade for hopefully a long while, but will keep a well trained eye on reports about Ford’s new BIG block gasser…JMHO.


Those TPS modules fail on gas trucks too. They hunt back and forth then toss a code. I use to drive a powerstroke diesel but gave up after my $1800 100k mile service. That was just the parts. I did the work myself. To be honest, replacing the cracked radiator was more than 1/2 the bill. Now, I drive a 5L F150 but am eyeballing the new 7.3L in a 1 ton. Like you, I loved driving my diesel but did not enjoy owning it. -Don