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thanks much John – those look cool, and suitable, and more cost effective. 🙂

I have reached out to ARB – as my rig (pickup truck plus truck camper ALWAYS on the back of truck) is about 10,000 lbs wet (loaded)

To ask them what ARB SNATCH STRAP is most suitable for recovery? the “medium” one ARB SNATCH STRAP – 24,000 LBS minimum breaking strength – PART NO ARB710LB

or the “strongest” one?

ARB SNATCH STRAP – 33,000 LBS minimum breaking strength – PART NO ARB715LB


That article explains why you don’t want to buy a POLYESTER (non-stretch) strap, nor do you want a strap with metal hooks on it.

It is entirely possible to find good, stretchable nylon snatch straps without hooks.

Take a look at the snatch straps from ARB.


The prices seem very moderate compared to, say, an equivalent recovery rope from Bubba Rope.


At the same time, ARB is definitely not cheap junk that will let you down when you need it.