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I have the Rambox built in storage that comes as an option on Ram trucks. This makes lining up the camper just right more challenging in some ways vs. open wheel wells in the bed. I adapted by adding some PVC trim and guides which I still use. The picture shows some wheels that also were there to help guide the camper in, but they turned out to be more of a hindrance than they were worth.

The Rambox comes with the aluminum rack that I use to easily mount and unmount the PVC guides. The PVC trim works great to keep the camper from contacting the spray bed liner and to give me a very good gauge on how straight I am backing in. The PVC material is more forgiving than wood to the camper if I slide up against it. I used to struggle with 2×4’s laid in the bed of my former truck that were there to keep the camper between the wheel wells but those weren’t fixed and prone to getting bumped out of alignment.

For those that are curious, the Ramboxes are accessible by raising the camper up with the automatic jacks. It isn’t so convenient that it becomes a place to store common items like food, but man they are excellent places for fishing gear and boat paddles and the like.

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