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When I head south from Alaska to Arizona in November most years, I have to drive in a lot of darkness. There are all sorts of critters wandering around on the Alcan. I find I need some good lights. I have 4 Light Force lights 2 large 9.5″ and 2 smaller ones 7″ for a total of 400 watts of lights. I don’t think 40 watts is going to do you much good??? Check into headlight upgrades……think those white light upgrades might do more that the 40 watt lights you are looking at???

I bought a light bar to mount them, but would have to remove my tow hooks to mount them. I was not willing to do that, so had them mounted on my bumper. Don’t think people are going to steal them. This is the 3rd pickup they have been used on.

Not sure if you need them in the winter or not??? I carry 2 lens covers…..clear if the weather is clear and blue if it is snowing…..can’t see much when it’s snowing with strong white light.

I’ll be at the Boondocking Rally if you want to check mine out.

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