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John Perz

also – with them in place (but off) any chance any highway patrol in any state (perhaps fussy California?) would be upset with them just being there? (but turned off) Serious question.

My understanding is that if something on a vehicle is legal in the state in which the vehicle is registered, other states can’t cite you for it even if it is illegal in their state. AS LONG AS YOU AREN’T USING IT!

Example 1. Most states require front and rear license plates, and will cite residents for having a missing plate. But some states only issue a rear plate, and other states can’t cite them for that.

Example 2. In my state, volunteer firemen have blue lights on their cars. In some nearby states, the police use blue lights, and their residents are NOT allowed to have them. But friends of mine who are volunteer firemen tell me they are fine in those states. They just can’t turn them on when out-of state.

CAVEAT 1: I suppose some particularly money hungry states – I’m looking at YOU, California! – might ignore that and cite you anyway. Just as southern states used to be notorious in running speed traps just to punish the damnyankees for winning the war.

CAVEAT 2: In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that some members of my family claim that I can, occasionally, be wrong. I, of course, strongly disagree with them.

BTW, if I were doing this, I would use three fog lights. The center one pointing straight ahead, and the two outer ones angled out to give maximum side coverage. This would give you double duty – fog lights AND ditch lights.

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