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John Perz

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Did you look at Capri Campers in TX? They have two models, one with a cabover called the RETREAT, and one without called the COWBOY. (The COWBOYs are called that because they are extremely popular with cowboys who follow the rodeo circuit, and just want someplace to crash at night.) Anyway, the RETREAT has a bare bones dry weight of 1100 pounds (1690 pounds loaded) for a 6’5″ foot model and the COWBOY has a bare bones weight of 780 pounds (1280 pounds loaded).

You can find a bunch of YouTube videos showing various rodeo cowboys showing off their Capri campers, which will give you a good idea of their internal configurations.

The RETREAT has an inside standing height of 6’4″. The COWBOY only has an inside standing height of 5′, but I’ve spoken to them and they say I can order a COWBOY XL with an inside height of 6′ for a few thousand dollars more.

They custom build your camper after you order, and there is no dealer network. You have to drive down to TX to pick it up at the factory.

Oh, and speaking of non-cabovers (strange looking campers!) Travel lite makes one called the Rayzr which they list at around 1100 pounds.

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