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Hi John, anything that bolts onto the truck is probably not of interest. My HOA doesn’t allow any kind of camper. So, campers like the 4WC project M or the Hiatus, while nice, just won’t work for me. The truck cap in the picture of my truck was ok though. It was not considered a camper by my HOA. And it wasn’t. Leaked like a sieve. Sent it back to the company after many trips to the dealership and an attempt to have the manufacturer fix it.

I thought about using a bare bones, slide in truck cap and looked at the ARE Spacekap and Tufport bodies but felt like it was just too much of a reach. Possibly because I feel like I am done with projects and more interested in doing things.

I suspect that much of the TC weight comes from creating a structure that is leak proof and capable of withstanding the stress of rough roads. Not sure that I can gut out a camper to get where I need to be and still have payload for gear. Beginning to think that truck camping is relegated to 3/4 – 1 ton trucks, unless your willing to make considerable concessions. This thread is about exploring this idea. -d