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I feel the same way. I would love to load up a camper and pull a small trailer stuffed with quality diesel and everything else one brings camping and spend the summer down there. The problem is I’m fearful of being in places or country’s that don’t recognize my constitutional rights. Take for example, Pyramid lake in northern Nevada. The whole facility is owned and strictly run by the Indian tribes that are native to that part of Nevada. They impose strict rules and enforce them. They actually have the right to confiscate your belongings if your in violation of some more serious offences. Outsiders must go before a Indian panel to hear there fate, no thank you. I learned of this from other fisherman who were camping near me. I was gone the next morning.

There is a fishing web site called SC Surf Fishing that I used to be real active on. For surf fishing information it can’t be beat. I have read many highly detailed articles from there members outlining trips down south. Providing you can find the two old posts I think you would enjoy the content.