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Thanks Chris for that insight. I will look into any possible conflicts before I spend the big money for an AGM. My experience with battery’s is 100% flooded acid. I have become interested in the AGM type battery’s mainly from reading Mikes reviews on this web site. With that said, there is no doubt there different and require the proper knowledge in order to use and care for them. Cost is a additional factor that should be considered. The bottom line for me is I expect car and truck battery’s to last through there warranty period with no special care. RV applications are different. I routinely check and charge the deep cycles that I own.

One practice that I do may help an AGM battery to live in my truck. I always disconnect any hauled or towed RV from my truck once I reach my destination. The thought of a heater running all night and draining the truck and the RV battery is why I do this. Even with a battery disconnect option engaged. I never take chances with my starting battery’s.

One slightly off topic thought about battery’s is there discharge rate while they are not being used. I suppose this is the main reason I became interested in AGM’s. I pay attention to advertised cycles. My last set of 105’s would lose 50% every month even when they were not in service and being stored in a garage. The constant maintenance and use of cycles while in storage is a waste. I plan on using Life Line battery’s in my new rig in order to prevent this from happening.