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So…this thread I noticed needs to say TC1000. I thought it was a TC800. We are going to take it out for a quick run this weekend. My wife wants to see how practical it is/or isn’t for her travel/camping needs as we ponder buying a 2020 Silverado to carry the camper on long journeys. I think it is wise, especially since we got slowed in our tracks since we’ve had a difficult time getting our hands on a 2020 with the equipment we want.

They are calling for snow – which will be awesome. We have a choice of two different parks very close to the house – one much closer than the other. I’d love to wake up to an inch of snow on the ground. We’ll see.

Water heater still isn’t working – I’m going to have to just replace the whole thing. Also, still waiting to order new lift jacks. Right now I’m able to use my auto two post lift in the shop to get it on and off the truck.