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So…good advice. Here is what we found since posting. There is at truck about 75 miles north of me – not the color we want…but can live with…that has all the options we need. My camper wights 1,560 lbs dry. The new 2020 2500 with the 6.6 gasoline (new engine this year) can carry over 3,000 lbs in the crew cab 4×4. The big issue is the length – this is a 10′ floor so it has to be an 8′ bed.

I’ve been thinking about what you wrote – and honestly I don’t know if this camper is the best fit for us. If I sold it and went to a smaller one – we would have a bigger world of truck options. Mostly, a shorter bed. The 2020 2500 is right at 22′ long which leaves only an inch or two on each end to park it in our house garage which is important during the winter to keep ice off the glass. Parking a 22′ long truck for normal grocery runs, and normal use is going to be tricky. It is a big investment in a truck that will be used to go camping the minority of the time – and used as a family transport truck the rest of the time.

I think GM got the 2020 2500 right. The one we spec’ed for order…has some really cool features that would make daily driving and TC or 5th wheel or bumper hitch camping a pleasure. But…at the end of the day my current silverado that will pull a bumper camper just fine is paid off…and so is the TC, so yes, it is a big expense commitment.