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No updates…been distracted with other year end projects. I’m just going to replace the water heater complete. I have a working theory – that it is possible water was left in the water tank and maybe it expanded into the heat tube area just out of site – not enough to crack and leak. Maybe it just won’t flow the air right no matter what I do. So confused. Would be funny if this whole thing was a problem with my propane tank valve. I have a new pressure regulator, but the tank is OLD. While the local gas company certified it…I noticed it now leaks a bit of gas when opening and closing the valve – which I did a lot of during testing of this unit. Once I run the tank down a little more I’ll take it back and they say they can put a new valve in it for me. It does NOT leak anything at full open or full closed (I’ve checked each time I’ve cycled it).