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Thanks Wheeldog, this is exactly the type of response I was looking for. I will log it into to my travel journal.

Your observations regarding the purchase and use of a 40 plus foot 5’er are noted. Being a commercial driver and dragging around a 53 for the last 20 years I have become way to accustomed to not having anything to eat at lunch because there is simply no legal parking available. However, I struggle with moving from a large house on acreage to a 28 foot trailer. That extra footage could make life for my wife and I a whole lot more comfortable. I am fully aware that many camp grounds are simply not built to accommodate such a large trailer. I think that my planned use of Thousand Trails along with some boon docking will only leave me with a small amount of time to struggle with a place to stay.

Speaking of limited space, I ran across a potential camp ground for some of you yesterday. Driving across HWY 166 towards Santa Maria I noticed a sign advertising Aliso Park camp ground. For those of you who like small out of the way place’s with very few people around this might be worth the drive. Check out there web site and read the positive reviews. The turn off is west of where the 33 intersects with the 166, there is a Shell station there but that’s about it. Go in with all your needs because it sounds like there are no Walmart’s across from the camp ground. The closest small town to the junction is Taft. Have fun!