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Thanks guys for the insight, especially Wheeldog. I have not been on the forum much lately and have not seen any of your responses Wheeldog. Sounds like your truck is not a fan of cold weather. The deft tip is something I was unaware of and will certainly be included in my truck notes. The only thing I have ever heard about deft was from the dealer who recommended the more expensive GM brand of deft over the brand sold at Walmart. He claimed they have seen some diesels having problems with the cheaper brand.

My retirement will begin in 2020 and my truck will become our only vehicle. Our first stop will be South Dakota in October. Rest assured maintenance on our truck will continue to be a top priority. I intend on running the original battery’s as long as possible, right up to a week or so before bug out day. I am leaning towards the Odyssey brand because of the size and the perception of quality. The Ever starts are over an inch longer and may not fit properly, but if they do they are half the cost of the Odyssey brand and have a 3 year replacement warranty. Additionally they are sold by Walmart so warranty issues might be easier since Walmart’s are everywhere.