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Update: I *think* I will likely go with this solution…. to be determined.
New info that I just learned today is below.

So i think I will buy a new, OEM Ford tailgate camera from Ford – identical to what is in my forthcoming F350 SuperDuty. (just the camera alone)

¿ Anyone have any rough idea what the camera alone may cost?
Ford can’t price it without the VIN of my forthcoming vehicle, as they need the VIN to ensure I get the exact correct part.


Camera Source can sell me a 14 foot harness for $99 – This plugs directly into the Ford OEM camera and also plugs into the connector under the bumper.

My RV manufacturer will make a small metal box, put this camera in it, and mount that on the rear bumper of the camper, for no extra charge (as Hallmark is awesome)

This solution has the advantages of: being the exact same camera as Ford uses…. so zero compatibility issues, and it should look good…. and also hopefully cheaper than the $459 plug and play option Camera Source offers.

Also I get to leave the stock camera in the tailgate… and at some point down the road I will be very happy to have not ripped the original camera out of the tailgate. 🙂

and… Anyone have a lead on buying legit OEM parts from Ford, at a good price?
(so i can get the camera from them)
or should i just take my chances and walk into my local Ford dealership?