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Keith, I’m only going to address the compressor refrigerator part of your question. In 2013 I replace my 3-way unit after one failure after another, on and on. For my 2002 Lance 815 after a lot of research the Dometic CR1110 was the best fit for my rig. I haven’t had one regret for making the change. There are several makers of RV/ Marine compressor refrigerator and most of them use the same Danfross compressor, there are thing you’ll have to consider if you make the change to a compressor refrigerator and that has to do with supplying electrical power to the unit. My solution for that was going to a second much larger battery (interstate 4D) tied in with my truck electrical system. This has work well since 2013 for me but the 4D battery does weight a 100 lbs. With Li batteries coming to play a bigger part in the TC area I myself will be converting to the those Li battery.

Just a note that there are a lot of YouTube on this subject and as well article(s) in this website. If you decide to convert to a compressor refrig. post your project it will help others who are considering the same thing.