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It is only infrequently that I lie awake in bed puzzling over an RV appliance, but there I was last night running through this in my head.

Here is the question I can not get around. Why is the flame not extending up into the heat exchanger? That tube runs up through the water heater tank and vents out and the flame normally goes right up the tube. That flame looks like it is hitting a wall. I just don’t get it, can’t even figure out how it is possible!


That’s often when I solve my biggest puzzles! I took my propane torch from the shop and stuck it into the heater tube hole and lit it up – it burns normal and blows the flame right into the tube. I was hoping it was going to act like it was hitting an obstructions…but no.

So, I called the appliance parts house this morning and gave the serial number again and asked them to double check the burner tube they sent (as it is too short to even try) and to see if they have the correct orifice jet for that application. She said she will call me back.