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Thank you. This is the dialog I need to figure this out. No offense taken. In that video was after I had pulled the pilot assembly on and off several times. And just hung it back to test again. I don’t know the history of the camper. I bought it from a guy that got it from the Chevy dealer where the prior owner traded it in with a truck. Likely because a Jack was broke and he couldn’t get it off. That’s another story.

But when I filled the LP for the first time and leaked checked, I also filled the water tank with water and tested. It did the same thing then. No video.

Thus I cleaned everything. Removed the unit from the rv and reinstalled with a new regulator, control valve, pilot, and thermocouple. I removed and cleaned the orifice and that jet tip. It unscrews and screws in smooth. I don’t know if anybody upsize drilled it or not and don’t know how to check.

I tried replacing the burn tube. Got a new one based on the serial number. It came in way too short. Don’t know if they mispackaged or if that is part of the issue. I have to call them back about that tomorrow.

Ugh. Has to be a simple solution. Oh, and I will have it all super tidy and neat and like new looking if I can get this to go.