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So I’ve had it all apart. The burner tube is clear. The main heater tube that goes through the water tank is clear. I’ve blasted it with air and ran my pressure washer thorough at 2500 psi. I had expected to see a mud dobber nest or something to come out. But it is clear.

When I first fired it up from who knows how long it was since it last ran it did the same exact thing. So $200 later for a new main regulator, control valve, pilot, thermocouple, and generous cleaning it has the same symptom.

The stove, LP fridge, and furnace works. In fact, I’m enjoying the furnace as I’m typing this message on my maiden shake down trip sans-hot water.

I also cleaned the jet that comes off the control valve and I made a bracket to drop the pilot deeper in the hole as it seemed a bit more shallow than others.

When I move the air slide as you see in the video it will go from yellow to blue flame but still blows out of the tube at the tank.

Funny thing is I’m 1/2 way to have just bought a new tank with a DSI.