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That’s always the way it is, truck stops out of the blue. All maintenance up to date and then – So far we have not had our truck camper on, but did have our fiver onboard and it is always a sinking feeling coasting over to the side of the road and trying to come up with a way to get towed and where to get towed.

How long it takes to get a tow varies depending on where it happens and one thing I discovered was most of the big tow plans use the same call center and the same tow services.
Getting our diesel towed was the toughest because we found out diesels techs are in shorter supply at dealership and one large dealer we intended to use advised us they only had one diesel technician and it would be at least two weeks before they could get to us. Huh !!!!

In the end, all I have learned is I don’t care what you do to maintain your equipment, if you breakdown on the road, it is a crap shoot trying to get fixed and going again where more than one person we knew personally waited more than eight hours to find a tow. I think it is just part of traveling and the further away we travel from population centers the more a challenge breakdowns become.

The point about knowing your height is a good one not just for flatbedding, but also for travel in general. As we discovered no long ago at all, our GPS does not take tunnel or overpass height into consideration which led to a substantial turn-around-and-go-back when we were confronted with an overpass which was lower than we were tall. 🙂


Steve and Andra
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