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Sorry for the late response Dan but this site and my computer have not been working together properly for over 6 weeks. I am glad to see you have recognized the problem and have taken steps to increase your margin of safety. I would also upgrade your spare so you don’t have a weak link.

Be grateful for that 14K rating, my 2016 GMC only has a 13025 rating. The new GMC’s for 2020 have much better payload numbers as well tow ratings. The same truck as I have in 2020 will carry slightly over a half ton more and if you opt for the non extended cab version you can gain 1800lbs of payload.

I am assuming you now have read all that is posted on this site by now and understand that while your attempts to decrease your risks is commendable they will be a non issue if something happens on the road.

Enjoy your trip to AK, if I were you I would hang a rabbits foot on your rear view mirror arm