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left all the temp readings with the RV shop so he can speak with Dometic this morning. But freezer was getting to 6deg and box 20-70deg as the day heated up. In my experience the tube closest to the heater would be too hot to touch for any length of time. this unit i can grab the tube and hold on to it no problem. The 110volt unit is very hot, not running on gas as it is on my patio now. Replaced the old unit because when i went on the internet to try and get information on the problem i read that it would be the regulator and or circuit board. Both parts were in excess of $300.00 so i figured that the unit being 7 years old i did not want to put that money in it and have the cooling unit start leaking ammonia in another year. Will try your suggestion of the 1/2 gallon of water but do not have much hope that it will show the unit is not broken as when on last vacation i essentially did that text with 3 1/2 gallons of milk and other food items and the fridge did not get below 50deg during the day that was in the low 70’s