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#1. Your refrigerator is working, the coil is not blocked. A blockage can recur, but it also may be good for the next ten year, speaking as a Dometic factory trained Master Certified RV tech. That statement is based on my real world experience running my own repair center for 30 years.

#2 To test a fridge for function, take a half gallon of water in a container and put it in the fridge with the door closed for 24 hours, then measure the temperature of the water. If it is 43 degrees or less, you are at factory spec. There is nothing the matter with your fridge.

#3 I don’t understand why your first fridge was replaced simply because it did not ignite. That is a simple repair and sometimes doesn’t even require parts.

#4 If you are going to trash a good fridge and are anywhere near Tennessee, can I have it? 🙂


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