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Big Buddy appears rated to have a much higher heat output than a Wave 6. Wave 6 is only putting out about 6,000 BTU, not a whole lot of heat. You can calculate the heat loss of your camper, if you can to take the time to do so, but I bet a 9.5 camper is going to exceed the output of the Wave 6 unless you are really heavily insulate and have very little infiltration when you go subzero. ?

You are correct. Between the poor insulation of my camper and the 6,000 BTU’s of the Wave 6 puts out it didn’t work. The Big Buddy on medium puts out 9,000 BTU’s and kept it comfy in there. When it gets real cold the Big Buddy puts out 18,000 BTU’s which I have used with success in extreme cold in past years.

The only reason I went to the Wave Heater is I thought it was safer than the Buddy Heater. I don’t like sleeping with the Buddy Heater on.

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