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John, I would have concerns about the Mach 8 (I assume you mean the cub 9,200 btu) from the inverter you’ve selected, in fact I seriously doubt that it would work or even last too long under such an extreme published LRA (Locked Rotor Amps) load… Compressor motors are highly reactive (think, counter-EMF inductive), so component selection is uber important…So you should weigh the cost and benefit ratio if wanting to run the Mach 8 Cub via an inverter…For example, here is found the specs on the Mach 8 9200 Cub, and notice the LRA and running amps:

Mach 8 cub

Below is all of the specs for the Coleman Mach 8 Cub.

Cooling/Heating Capacity: 9,200 BTU. Electric Heat Strip Capacity (sold separately): 6,000 BTU.
Electrical Rating: 115 VAC, 60 HZ, 1 Phase.
Cooling AMP’S: 11.2 (low fan speed) 11.7 (high fan speed)
Compressor: 8.9.
Indoor Motor High/Low: 1.2 / 0.7.
Outdoor Motor: 1.6.
Running Watts @ A.R.I. Standard: 1270.
Running Watts @ Desert Condition: 1550.
Running Watts-Electric Heat Strip: 1748.
Compressor Locked Rotor Amps: 58.4.
Metering Device: Bi-Flow Restrictor.
Refrigerant Charge – R-410A: 14.75 oz.
Evaporator Air Delivery (CFM): 300 – High Speed
NOTE: electric heat strip is not included, refer to part # 62763 if needed.

This is exactly why I chose the more efficient 11kbtu Mach 1 p.s. because the LRA is only 41.5amps (6.6a comp- 2.7a fan, 9.3a total). This also means a much lesser load on the inverter.

Having said that, Consider that IF running an air cond (a highly inductive load) via an inverter is your desire then I wouldn’t select that particular inverter (a HF switcher type…) because it lack sufficient head room (4-5 times LRA needed) and the surge rating is only marginal at best…

This is why when sourcing any inverter, it is important to consider the worse case load scenario application because the advertising wattage rating is only about 1/3 of the real performance story, with surge and duration the remaining 2/3rds…Thus, not all inverters having the exact same watts ratings measure up the same because of the way different inverters ‘see’ (respond to) a given load…For the Mach 8 the minimum inverter I would consider would be 3000w (preferably transformer based), nor would I chose the Freedom X for the more efficient 11k btu Mach 1…As I stated, component selection can get a bit dicey when powering an air cond…JMO