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Hi all again – 7 months later. 🙂

So we are finally about to place our order for our 9.5 foot long Hallmark pop up truck camper.

How is this for a (revised) power system?

* * in terms of amount of solar panel WATTS specifically. * *

I want to make sure i have enough solar panel power. The fridge will be the biggest draw, by far.

Plan below has 540 watts solar, but for an extra $400 or so I could have a 4th 180 watt panel added – so that would make it 720 watts solar total.

Planned system:

200 amp-hours of Battleborn Lithium batteries. (2 x 100 amp hour batteries)

Propane for stove…. and Truma Combi. (hot water and air.)
(of course 12v needed to run the Truma Combi too)

7.2 CU side by side. 2 way compressor. Novacool RFS7501 fridge.

Maxx fan.

Interior LED lights.

Solar System: 3 X 180 “Grape” solar panels on roof = 540 watts

(or maybe 4 panels? = 720 watts)

“(each panel) Produces on average 45 Amp-hours/540-Watt-hours per day, EACH” (so 135 amp-hours a day for 3, on average, when the sun is out i suppose)

Power Converter 60A Mini Lithium Ion Power Center Black PM4060LIK

Victron 100/30 SmartSolar charge controller MPPT Solar Charger w/ Bluetooth Lifepo4 Ready

Xantrex 817-2080 Freedom XC 2000, 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave 12 Volt Inverter/Charger

Victron BMV 712 Battery Monitor w/ Bluetooth Lifepo4 Ready

2 (two) x Battleborn 100 amp hour (each) Lithium

Other occasional loads:
Small microwave. Blender. computer maybe.

4 season camping. Yes there will be some rain and short grey days…. sometimes below freezing. Sometimes higher altitudes. Sometimes in cloudy Pacific NorthWest.

So the ability to discharge the Lithuim 90% with smaller bulk and weight has advantages.

We mostly boondock. We prefer the quiet.

Occasionally we stay someplace for 2 nights, but often drive around a bit, to explore, each day (so the F-350 would also help charge up the batteries)

Thanks for any and all thoughts.