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Jittery and bumpy, heck yes. Our 2012 F250 SRW LB gasser rides like crap empty. Most folks air tires down to 50 psi all the way around which really helps and if you get a set of Rancho adjustables on it and set them way down you can almost tell the truck has a suspension system.

Put our Northstar on and air the the tires up to door sticker spec pressure and the rear Ranchos are at 8 or 9 and the fronts about 6 or 7. And yes the truck rides much better loaded, although it still really needs the Hellwig bar on the back (or something to control sway). Then it depends on the road condition as to ride quality. Don’t know what the factory sway bar is supposed to do, but sway control running loaded is not on its radar screen.

It is a continuing mystery to me why the factory calls it a “camper package” when the puny bar might as well be on a lunch break. Seems like it rides is awful empty and you still have to add a boatload of stuff to get it to handle running full.

All my opinion. 🙂


Steve and Andra
2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
2019 Northstar Laredo SC