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Not to beat a horse to death regarding weight scam in all 48 states, I don’t see Alaska and Hawaii, American territories involved.
There is another variable missing from weight equation. It is called “Consumer information sheet!” It is supposed to be in glove box upon vehicle delivery.
We bought our 2013 F-350 SRW, 6.2L gas, long bed new.
Upon referencing the vin when studying the window sticker from the manufacturer.
Our truck was manufactured in Kentucky
When we searched vin we were surprised to find a max payload of 4460, maximum gvwr 11500(which is a 1000 lbs more than what is printed on sticker in door panel) sticker says 10,500.

All this Implies clearly that left hand of Ford factory is not coordinating with right hand. A seed of doubt sticks up its head in determining accuracy of door panel figures as opposed to vin data from Ford. Raises a question regarding cargo weights and vehicle weights. I have supportive documents which clearly show the 1000# variation which is larger than door sticker of 3562# maximum, Fords reference is 4460# a thousand pounds greater in cargo capacity.i could creates a hypotheses that all ford Trucks or even vehicles for that matter might or do have a 1000 # variance which is greater than door sticker info.