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I had recently inquired about traveling in my 2013 F-350 super duty long bed with a 1992 model 1140 SD “Idle Time” truck camper on it. Which I believed weighed only 2400# dry. Which I thought gave me an extra 1000# to spare.

I was abruptly surprised today when I drove onto the scales. The truck camper has a full tank of water, fuel, liquid propane,no grey water, food, clothing, two ai 2000 watt generators, gasoline, extra water, two dogs my wife and I for a weeks travel into New Mexico from north Texas.
The scales were a real fright to me. The total combined weight of truck and cargo is 10,982#
The maximum weight the truck can be is 10,500#!
According to Ford motor company. A real dellima as I was totally dumbfounded.
I learned you cannot increase carrying capacity but you can put air bags, coil springs over shocks and extra leaf springs. None actually increase capacity but make for smoother ride.
My understanding is if I am over weight which I currently am, yet it does not show when looking at truck as it is not down on its axles or springs. It does not sway or lean when at highway speed.
And have a mishap, my insurance, warranty and legal position would be voided.
That is scarey!
How can I correct this without trading for a fifth wheel?

Richard m.Dalton, jr
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