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John Perz

You said “firearms” and not “handguns”, right.

As a general rule of thumb, any long gun that looks like Grandpa’s hunting rifle or shotgun should be fine anywhere as long as it’s transported locked up and unloaded.
A lever action rifle or pump shotgun should be fine anywhere. Hell, you could even take either into Canada if you declare them and fill out proper paper work at the border.

Once you reach your campsite (or motel room, for that matter) it becomes your domicile and you can load it up for the night.

Me, personally, I reside in upstate NY and have a valid NY CCW, good anywhere in the state outside NYC. I also have non resident CCW permits for CT and NH. Plus a non-res Utah CCW that takes care of much of the rest the country. I stay the hell out of MA, NJ, and MD.

Oh, and that reminds me of a couple of things.

Hollow point bullets are illegal in NJ, so don’t have any of them with you for your lever action carbine if you’re in Joisy.

And in spite of the fact that there is a Federal law says it’s legal to transport unloaded guns from point A to Point B, VT residents who try to fly out of the Albany NY International Airport are routinely arrested and prosecuted when they declare their handguns (as they are required to do by Federal law) at check in at the airline check in counter.

(Posession of a handgun in NY without a valid NY permit is illegal, and NY neither recognizes other state’s permits nor issues non-resident permits.)

Best source of info is NOT the NRA but the Handgun Law site. In spite of their name, they’re not just handguns. They’ve got info on RV/Car carry, long guns in vehicles, knife laws, carrying on Native American reservations, etc.


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