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John Perz

Sigh! And the misinformation continues to flow . . .

You would think that bear spray would be stronger than people spray, right? Or at least as strong as people spray. Turns out that’s NOT the case.

” Pepper Spray: An effective self defense against humans

Pepper spray <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper_spray&gt; is chemical,
non-lethal, self defense weapons <https://www.selfdefenseninja.com/&gt;
available for civilian use. The active ingredient in pepper spray is
*oleoresin capsicum* — the same chemical in chili peppers that gives
them their sting and irritating effects. When pepper spray is sprayed on
the eyes and skin it causes:

* Intense burning pain
* Excessive tearing
* Swelling of the eyelids
* Temporary blindness
* Difficulty breathing

These effects often last longer than 20 minutes, making pepper spray an
extremely effective self defense weapon. It is so effective that, pepper
spray is used by almost all police and some military units to subdue and
incapacitate threats.

Bear Spray: An effective deterrent in bear country

Bear spray
is similar to pepper spray but IS NOT the same thing. Though they both
contain the same active ingredient – oleoresin capsicum, bear spray
contains a much LOWER CONCENTRATION.

A typical pepper spray used for self defense will have an oleoresin
capsicum (OC) concentration of about 10% or higher. A typical bear
spray has a oleoresin concentration of about 1 – 2 %.

The goal of using bear spray is to scare off an attacking bear, not
cause it to become incapacitated and incur serious pain. That’s why bear
spray only requires a small amount of active chemical – just enough to
irritate the bear and cause it to back off.”

Source: https://www.selfdefenseninja.com/bear-spray-vs-pepper-spray-whats-difference/

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