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Consensus is, if you can take the camper off the truck before jacking it up. Yes the truck jack that comes with the truck will lift both a SRW and a DRW with the camper onboard, but carrying and using a bottle jack is more typical once the truck is lifted and one guy carries an aluminum floor jack with the handle that breaks down. They all report changing a tire/tires in the real world with the truck camper on the truck. So for what it is worth, carry a bottle jack.

I never thought about it until now, but guess I will switch out my jack to a bottle jack.

My two cents 🙂

Anyone here done it?

Steve and Andra
2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
2019 Northstar Laredo SC